Edilprofil : profilo aziendale


Edilprofil snc

With thirty years of experience, EDILPROFIL s.n.c. is the best choice for the production of corrugated sheets, processing of coils and services for third parties.

The continuous technological innovation, the use of highly qualified personnel, the collaboration with professionals specialized in the most diverse sectors, as well as a dynamic and well-organized structure allow Edilprofil snc to operate with great professionalism and competence, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

In fact, the company has a system with 3 profiles for grinding coils sheets.

Therefore, at its production site located in Piancogno in the province of Brescia, Edilprofil snc has at its disposal everything necessary for the production of both small quantities and large numbers.

It also provides sheet metal bending services for third parties.

a thirty-year history


opening EdilProfil s.n.c. at the first office in Sellero - BS


business transfer to Cividate Camuno - BS


settlement in the definitive office in the municipality of Piancogno - BS


installation of the new profiling machine for the creation of the EDP40 profile


purchase of profiling machines for structural and non- structural EDP75 production.

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